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Comprehensive Legal Services since 1972

Ayela Lawyers

Ayela Abogados is a professional firm with more than 50 years of experience in the legal field, made up of various professionals, dedicated to the different branches of Law. We always work as a team to give our clients a comprehensive legal service.

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Experience and efficiency in

Judicial, Extrajudicial and Consulting Area for companies and individuals

Subjects and Specialties

Criminal law

Assistence and Defense to the detainee
Crimes in the family environment
Crimes against people
Gender violence
Crimes against property
Crimes against Public Health
Money Laundering
Crimes against traffic safety and breathalyzers
Insults and slander
False documents
Crimes against property


Real estate and urban law

Real Estate Sales
Drafting and advice on contracts
Investigation of the legal situation of the properties
Lifting charges and embargoes
Advice and management of financing
Resumption of the tract and resolution of cadastral and registry problems
Leases, evictions and expropriations
Intervention in urban conflicts
Defense in administrative appeals
Management and Prior Authorizations and Declarations of Community Interest
Undivided, Segregations, Administrative and Contentious-Administrative Claims


Tax Law

National and International Taxation
Tax advice for companies
Tax planning of business reestructuring operation
Advice and planing of investments and international corporate structures
Tax declarations
Particularities: Residents and non-residents
Tax planning, analysis and optimization of taxation; control and follow-up
Strcturing of family assets for their maintenance and transmission
Tax declarations and Appeals and procedures for tax verification and inspection

Family right

Marriage capitulations
Guardship and custody of childre
Liquidation of economic regime
Regulatory measures for parent-child relationships (marital and extramarital)
De facto unions
Intervention in adoptoin preceedings

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Sports law

Constitution and Legal Economic Regime of Entities in Professional Sports (Clubs, Sports Federations, Professional Leagues and Sport Public Limited Companies
Collaboration agreements between Public Administrations and Private Entities Sanctioning Regime in Sports (Administrative Sanctioning Law and Sports Discipline)
Responsability in Sport
Proceedings in Sports (Electoral Proc., Defense Proc. and Extrajudicial Conciliation and Arbitration)
Labor Relations in Sport (National, Community and Foreign Athletes, referees and managers)
Legal Regime of the Elite Athlete

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Traffic accidents (personal injuries and property damage)
Claims for damage to homes and premises
Damages and injuries to animals
Extraordinary risks
Claims for breaches of contract derived from the insurance policy
Deaths and deaths
Flight cancellation
Issues arising from civil liability
Claims Damages due to power outage, intereeption and overvoltage electricity (All this acting before the civil, criminal and contentious-administrative jurisdiction).

Corporate law

Incorporation of companies
Preparation of satues, special clauses and agreements
Trasformation, merger, spin-off and dissolution Liquidations
Tax and accounting advice

Labor law

Comprehensive Management
Labor advice Preparation of payroll and social security
Assistence in labor procedures (dismissals, disabilities, amount claims, sanctions)


Accounting for commercial and professional companies
Preparation of accounting books and annual accounts
Periodic standard and personalized accounting reports

Other subjects

Consumer Law :
- Claims against banks (expenses, commissions, ground clauses, etc.) Commercial Contracts:
- Agency contracts, distribution, franchises, etc.
- Intervention in exchange procedures.
Personnel selection :
- Definition of port needs of work.
- Search for the most suitable candidates.

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