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About us

More than 40 years of experience in the legal field, formed by various professionals, dedicated to th different branches os Law

In law since 1972

We offer specialized advisory services in labor, tax and accounting matters. The Ayela firm It is currently made up of lawyers-specialist in the fundamental branches of Law, and most bilingual, economist, administration and finance professionals, and administrative staff. Our team is made uo of Carmen Ayela Semper (founder), Reme Morales Caturla (administration) and the lawyers Eduardo Nistal Rovira, Antonio Palao Duarte and María Jesús Cutillas Diego.

Carmen Ayela Samper y Reme Morales Caturla, co-fundaders of Ayela Abogados
Antonio Palao Duarte
Antonio Palao Duarte
Eduardo Nistal Rovira
Eduardo Nistal Rovira

Comprehensive legal services

Aware of the importance of offering our clients a comprehensive service in this globalized world, and in order to solve legal conflicts that muy cross our borders, we have contacts with lawyers from different countries and we are members of international legal organizations. We are members of the International union of Lawyers (UIA), wich develops collaboration between lawyers from all over the world, with a voice in the UN, and who actively participates in conferences, publications and international legal meetings.

Extensive international experiencie

We are the official lawyers of Belgian Consulate in Alicante and the British Consulate –and with it the Commonwealth. We also collaborate with Embassy of France, Australia, Canada, Norway, and the Swiss Consulate in Barcelona.  The lawyer Carmen Ayela has been Honorary Consul of Luxembourg of the Communities of Valencia and Murcia, from 1992 to May 2012.

Why choose us?

We have always tried to serve our clients professionally, but also with closeness and understanding, looking for the most sensible, agile, practical and econimic solutions.


Our firm is made ip of eleven people including lawyers -specialists in the fundamental branches of Law, and most of them bilingual-, economists, professionals in the areas of administration, and finance, and administrative personnel.

48 years of experience

Our office was founded in 1972, that is, we have been working uninterruptedly for 48 years, offering our clients maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Do you need legal, legal and accounting advice?